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Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette

The outside packaging of this palette alone is enough to want to add it to your makeup collection so the fact that is also has 10 stunning shades inside is just the icing on the cake! Keep reading for my thoughts on this product and all of the swatches...

So very recently I stumbled across this Zoeva eyeshadow palette in the beauty section at TkMax and whilst I spent quite a considerable amount of time trying to convince myself I really didn’t need another eyeshadow palette to add to what feels like hundreds that I already have, I eventually caved and bought it. After all, it was only £7 so can you blame me? Anyway, I’m so glad I had no will power and ended up buying it as it's a really is a gorgeous palette. It contains various matte and metallic shades that can create both subtle and also bold looks. The packaging is a lovely, golden casing with a mosaic pattern all over. I really love the design of this, it's one of my favourites out of all the palettes that I own. It reminds me a little bit of the MAC Power Hungry palette which is also a really nice golden colour (you can find my review for this by clicking here).

Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette Review

There is actually a full 'Heritage' collection by Zoeva that, in addition to this eyeshadow palette, also includes various eye crayons and a highlighting powder. On the Zoeva Cosmetics website it states that the mosaic packaging was inspired by ancient Greek art and that this collection pays tribute to Greece which is where the founder of Zoeva, Zoe Boikou, was born. It also explains that 'Heritage' is a reflection of the country's rich artistic tradition and proof that everything old is new again. I think the fact that this collection was inspired by the creators roots and has a real story and inspiration behind it is a lovely touch.

Here are what all the shades are like inside the palette. I love that each columns is a pair of eyeshadows that work well together. I also like that there is a good mix between mattes and shimmers included in this product. To be honest, I probably won't use the bold blue and pink shimmer colours very much as these two are pretty bright and not really for everyday makeup (unless everyday glam is your thing of course!). All of the other shades though are definitely ones I know I'll be using often.

Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette Review


The below left image shows all of the shades from the top row of eyeshadows and the right image shows all the ones from the bottom row. The shades names starting with the left image from the top and going down are Narrate a Story, Anthropology, Euphonic, Never Forget and Written by Winners. The names of the shades on the right image in the same order are Monument, Megalomania, Marble Statues, Civilisation and Phonotactic.

Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette Swatch
Zoeva Heritage Eyeshadow Palette Swatch

I have three favourite shades in this palette which are Monument, Megalomania and Marble Statues as I absolutely love shimmer eyeshadows and these colours just look amazing on. Pretty much all of the shades blend really well. I'd say you just have to work a little bit harder at getting the bold blue colour, Euphonic and also the two darker matte shades, Written by Winners and Phonotactic to blend as well as the others but this isn't a major issue.

Overall, I'm thrilled that I found this palette as the quality of the eyeshadows is great, it has some really lovely shades and it is definitely something I will be using a lot. There's not really anything I dislike about it other than the fact I just probably won't use the bold blue and pink shades that often.

As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, I managed to find this Zoeva palette in TkMax for only £7 (I know, what a bargain right?!). I have found it online where it was retailing for £21, however, it is out of stock on all of the websites that I have found it listed on. If you are interested in this palette, I will leave a link below for one of those sites just incase it comes back in to stock. The other option is to take a trip to your local TkMax and do some good old bargain hunting for this little gem. Good luck!


Let me know what your thoughts are on this palette in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The link I have used above is not an affiliate link.

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