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Morphe 35M Boss Mood Artistry Palette

This eyeshadow palette is packed full of show-stopping shimmers and bold creamy mattes, the perfect combination for any makeup lover! Here's my review all about it...

As you can tell from the few slightly scuffed eyeshadows, I have already used some colours in this palette.

The packaging is pretty basic as it's just a plain black colour all over. It's made of plastic and although it's quite large due to amount of shadows included, it is a very slim palette which makes it pretty easy to store.

All of the eyeshadows are buildable in colour if you like bright, bold eyes. The shimmer tones in this palette are all absolutely gorgeous and really easy to apply. I have found that a few of the matte ones, however, don't blend too well on the skin. This is a minor though as there is only a very small amount in the whole palette that this applies too.

I love that you get a wide variety of colours to play around with. My personal favourite's are the orange, pink and green tones. This palette is on the Morphe website for £24 which, in my opinion, is a great price for the 35 shades that you get included. There are definitely a few eyeshadows in this palette that I know I will never use (the really dark black shades don't suit me at all), however, I still think this palette is worth the money for the amount of colours I will use.


For each of the rows in the palette I have included a photo of the swatches taken without flash (left image) and also with flash (right image). There isn't much of a difference at all between the matte shades in the two photos but you can see how pretty the shimmery colours look with the flash on.






If you're interested in buying this palette I have included the link for it on the Morphe website below.


What are your thoughts on this Morphe palette? Share in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This eyeshadow palette was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The link I have used above is not an affiliate link.

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