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MAC Power Hungry Palette

With eight creamy eyeshadows and a lovely gold highlighter, this gorgeous palette by MAC is definitely not one to be missed! Read on to view the colour swatches and my thoughts on this product...

I absolutely love the packaging of this palette! It's very slim so you can easily travel with it and it doesn't take up much space in wherever you store your makeup. The stunning metallic gold colour with the white bold writing across the front makes it look very chic. The fact that it also has a mirror on the flip side of the lid (see below image) is pretty handy!

The tones used in this palette are very warm/neutral colours which you can create some lovely smokey eye looks with. It also has a golden highlight at the very right hand side of the product. I think all of the colours compliment each other very well and even though there is only eight eyeshadows, I do really like every shade (which is rare as 99% of the time there's always at least one colour in a palette that I'm not very keen on!). As for the highlight, the colour pay off isn't great and you do have to really pack on a good few layers of it before you even start to see any sort of pigment. Luckily, you don't have this problem with the eyeshadows as each of those are very pigmented and you don't need to apply much at all.


Below are the swatches for each shade. The left image has been taken without flash and the right image has been taken with flash.

As you can see from the left image, the highlighter at the very bottom is barely noticeable without flash. You can see it a lot in the right image with the flash on, however, I had to build up a considerable amount of colour so that it was actually visible. The shimmer eyeshadows in the palette are my favourite because they have just the right amount of sparkle to them and make your eyes look really pretty.

This palette retails for £34 on the MAC website. This is a pretty fair price, in my opinion, as you do get eight gorgeous eyeshadows and a highlight (even if you do have to spend an extra 10 minutes of your life trying to build up enough colour of the highlight for it to actually be visible). I'd say the highlight is the one thing that lets this product down slightly. Apart from that, they are all really great quality shadows and you can make some lovely eye looks out of them! If you're interested in this palette, I have included the link for it on the MAC website below.


Let me know what you think of this palette in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The link I have used above is not an affiliate link.

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