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Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Gift Set

This gorgeous set of lip glosses were part of the Fenty Beauty Christmas 2019 collection. They have something very similar for the 2020 Christmas range so read on if you're looking for things to put on your present list...

This is the packaging that the lip glosses come in. It is a tin container and the lid on top can be quite difficult to get off sometimes. I'm not a massive fan of the packaging due to this but the imagery on the front is pretty.

Inside you get five mini lip glosses. They are all a variety of different tones so there's one for every occasion. The lip gloss colours aren't as bright as they look in the tin after you've applied them. They are pretty buildable, however, if you would like the colour to stand out more. They each have a lovely shimmer to them and an absolutely gorgeous scent which is the brand's peach-vanilla aroma that is used for all their lip glosses. Another great thing is that they don't feel sticky on the lips at all and the formula includes shea butter which really helps with hydration. There's not really anything that I don't like about these lip glosses apart from just wishing they were bigger!

Shade names from left to right - 'Pretty Please', 'Hot Chocolit', 'Confetti', 'Fu$$y' and 'Cheeky'.

Image above was taken with the flash on.

This lovely little lip gloss set retailed for £33 for five 5.5ml lip glosses. I would say this is pretty good value considering the price for one standard size (10ml) is £17.

Fenty Beauty have released their 'Holo'daze' collection for Christmas 2020. This range has another gift set very similar to the one from last year except instead of five lip glosses there are four. The shades included are 'Cake Shake', a bronze colour, 'Baby Brut', a gold colour, 'Taffy Tea$e', a coral colour and 'Ruby Milk', a deep plum colour. This set is retailing for £30. If you like the shades in this review for last years set I would definitely recommend having a look at the 2020 one. You can view/shop it at the link below.


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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The link I have used above is not an affiliate link.

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