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Feelunique x Megan Rose Lane Self Care Kit

Fancy treating yourself to the self care kit of dreams? Then this one is definitely for you! Read on to find out what's included and my thoughts on this lovely little set of goodies...

The products come in this gorgeous velvet teal pouch with a golden sun embossed into the front of it. There's also a little line that reads 'Self care isn't selfish' on the back of the pouch. I absolutely love this for the packaging of all the products. It's such a lovely colour and the velvet fabric feels nice. Also, once you have used up all the treats inside it's great as a makeup bag!

Now on to the good stuff.. what's included! This little pouch may look like it wouldn't fit much in but you'll definitely be impressed with how much you actually get in here!

Contents of kit:

- Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm 30ml

- Evolve Beauty AHA Miracle Mask 30ml

- Grown Apothecary Vanilla and Watermelon Lip Balm 12ml

- Urban Apothecary Oriental Noir Candle 70g

- L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist 100ml

- Lavender Infused Eye Mask

- Affirmation Cards

Cleansing Balm

Everything about this Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm feels very luxurious. It's said to cleanse pores as well as balance, hydrate and moisturise all skin types. The directions from the Emma Hardie website state that you should take a hazelnut size piece of the balm and massage into dry skin. You can then proceed to soak a cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess and use it to gently remove the product using the 'lines not circles method' which is one of Emma Hardie's cleansing techniques. I really love the smell of this balm, it's quite a rich aroma but isn't overpowering. It actually smells like something you may find at a luxury spa (ooh fancy!). This isn't the only thing that's impressive as it leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth after every use. My current routine with this balm is just using it on evening after I have taken my makeup off with micellar water. It really helps to remove any left over makeup and I love how it make my skin feel before bed. I am extremely happy that this product was included in the kit and I will definitely look into buying more of this cleansing balm after I have used up this pot as it makes a great addition to my skincare routine.

Miracle Mask

Ok so I do have to admit, my first impression of this face mask wasn't the best due to it having a bit of an odd smell to it. Once I got over the funny aroma, however, I found it is actually a great product! It's full of amazing natural ingredients such as Glycolic Acid from Sugar Cane, Peruvian Maca and Papaya. These ingredients are known to help a range of things like smoothing and plumping the skin, increasing skin radiance, and aiding exfoliation. A great thing about this mask is that you only have to leave on your skin for 5 minutes before rinsing off so this is pretty handy for when you fancy a quick skin care fix. I have only used this mask a few times so far so I can't really comment on if it has any long term effects such as if it reduces the appearance of ageing (as it claims on the Evolve Beauty website) but I can tell you that it made my skin feel very smooth and hydrated after each use. It's something that I'm definitely going to keep using and hopefully see more long term benefits, even though I don't think I'll ever be a massive fan of the smell! Don't let this put you off though if you're wanting to try it as it really is a nice face mask.

Lip Balm

The Grown Apothecary Vanilla and Watermelon Lip Balm (12ml) is great! It's a thick gel consistency that really nourishes your lips and it lasts a while before you feel the need to apply again. I especially love using it at night before I go to sleep as I wake up with the feeling of soft and hydrated lips. You can wear it on its own or over some lipstick. I also feel like because of how thick it is it makes your lips appear a little plumper which is great! In regards to the scent, you can't really smell the vanilla as much as the watermelon scent but it still smells lovely. A little goes a very long way as well so I just know this lip balm is going to last me ages. I will definitely be buying it again though once I've ran out, it's my new favourite!

Affirmation Cards

Also included in this kit are some affirmation cards that have little inspirational quotes printed on to one side of them. If you ever feel like you need a little boost of positivity then these cards will do the trick! `The aim is to shuffle the pack, pick one at random and feel inspired by what you have chosen at that moment in time. These affirmation cards are a lovely little extra in this kit and are probably something that not many people have actually had before (myself included) so it's nice that they have been incorporated.


The candle that you get included in this kit is the Urban Apothecary Oriental Noir Candle (70g) and at first smells amazing! Note that I said 'at first' there because when it is actually lit it unfortunately doesn't smell at all. I'm really not sure why this is but it is a tad disappointing. Definitely not enough so to make me regret buying the kit but it would be nice if it actually produced a scent when burning. Due to everything else included being amazing though, this is something that can be overlooked. I guess it can just stay out on something around your house just looking pretty at least!

Pillow Mist

I was happy to see that this mist was a part of the collection as I'm a big fan of pillow mists and this one did not disappoint! It smells amazing and had a lovely calming effect to it. The main scent to it is lavender but it does also have undertones of the other essentials oils included such as mandarin and geranium. It's advised that you spray the mist around 15 minutes before you plan on getting in to bed to help create a relaxing atmosphere. I personally tend to spray it about 5 minutes before though because the longer you leave it the scent isn't quite as strong. Although I do really love this mist, i'm not sure if I would actually buy it again just due to the fact that it retails for £19.50 and I don't think I could justify spending that when I know a couple of other good ones much cheaper. I'm really happy that I have had a chance to try it though.

Eye Mask

Ok so you won't realise how much you needed this eye mask in your life until you use it! It is infused with lavender which is so soothing for your eyes and smells wonderful. It's also made out of the same velvet fabric that has been used for the pouch which feel nice on your skin. When you have it on it completely blacks out any light which is great because I've had a couple of eye masks in the past that were a either a tad transparent or you could see cracks of light around the edges. I love the fact I don't have that problem with this eye mask as my bedroom is so bright in the morning so it's amazing to just put this on and make it seem like it's the middle of the night again! It also has little golden embossed eyelashes on to the front of which is pretty cute. Overall, I think this eye mask is a great little edition to the kit.

I think for how much you get included in this kit and the quality of the products, it's an absolutely great price at £49 (the contents in total is worth over £110!). Feelunique also sometimes have discount codes on their website so you could get it even cheaper! I'm so glad that I happened to stumble across it and purchase for myself as it's such a nice treat. It would make a great present to buy a close one for a birthday or Christmas too! I have included the link for this kit on the Feelunique website below if you are interested in buying it.


Let me know your thoughts on this self care kit in the comments section down below!

As always, thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The link I have used above is not an affiliate link.

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