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E.l.f Cosmetics Puff Puff Primer

After many years of being loyal to the same old primer, I finally decided to switch things up and try a new one. I went for the E.l.f Cosmetics Puff Puff Primer and here's my review all about it...

This is the outside packaging. The box is pretty big and it does make it seem like you're getting a lot of product inside, however, the actual primer tube is very narrow and there is quite a lot of space in the box that it comes in.

The main ingredient used in this primer is hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil. On the E.l.f Cosmetics website they claim that this ingredient is amino-rich and will help nourish, hydrate and condition your skin. Other key ingredients are Vitamin A and C which will aid in brightening skin's appearance.

Below is an image of the tube that the product comes in. It has a pump dispenser which is easy to control how much product you want to come out at once. The tube can also be squeezed which would be great for getting the very last bit of primer all the way out of it when you're running low.

The primer has a creamy consistency that dries fast on the skin so you have to be pretty quick at applying it. One pump of it is plenty to prime the whole face. Once rubbed into the skin it feels very sticky. This is completely different to the Maybelline Baby Skin primer that I was previously using for many years as that one felt extremely smooth when applied. My first thought was that my foundation would not go on well at all over the top of the E.l.f primer and at this point I was regretting even buying it, however, I was wrong! Once I had applied my foundation my skin had never looked so smooth! See below for my reaction...

Not only does my skin look smoother using this primer, I also feel like I could see a difference in how bright my complexion is (that's the ingredients Vitamins A and C coming into play). I noticed a bit of a glow to my skin after I'd applied my foundation. Another thing I like about this primer is that I definitely don't have to use as much foundation than when I had the Maybelline primer as my foundation doesn't slide around as much on my face when applying.

The above image is a little swatch of the primer. As you can see it's quite a thick cream formula so you really don't need a lot of it.

I have combination skin and find myself having to blot my face with extra powder throughout the day in my oily areas (T-zone, chin). This primer didn't really change that as I still found those areas to be pretty oily after the same amount of time with using my previous primer. This doesn't really bother me too much though as I'm used to reapplying a little bit of powder throughout the day and it's something I can overlook due to it making my skin so smooth.

Overall, I am very happy with this new primer and how it makes my skin look. I can definitely see a difference in my skin's appearance when I use it, my complexion is a lot smoother and brighter. It's also a very competitive price at only £8 for 30ml of product. This will definitely be a staple item in my makeup bag from now on.. cya later Maybelline Baby Skin, we had a good run!

If you fancy trying the E.l.f Cosmetics Puff Puff Primer here are a couple of links to websites where you can purchase it!



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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and this post is not sponsored in any way. The links I have included above are not affiliate links.

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